Welcome to the Rebellious Intent Campaign!

I will be doing my best to get as much info as I can on here and make sure that this game succeeds!  I encourage everyone to write up their character back stories and descriptions in the Characters section so we can figure our where everyone stands!

As for rules, we will be focusing on using the core Saga Edition books, with the non-era specific splat books.  The only era-specific book I will be using is the Rebellion Era Sourcebook so please try to avoid choosing abilities or equipment from other eras unless specifically given permission to do so.  Any questions should be directed to Mark.  

I will be including as many links as I can to relevant information, but the most important link I can provide for reference materials is this:


Also remember that even though a lot of us are fairly well versed in Star Wars, not all of us are and we will be taking certain liberties regarding fluff and canon.  Please be patient and remember that leaving certain things vague or out completely is done for the sake of smoothing the gameplay and keeping the game enjoyable for everyone.   (I.E. we will not be getting into lore and canon arguments during game, you will be politely asked to excuse yourself if you cannot follow this guideline.)