Star Wars: Rebellious Intent

Doeg Doegs around the fleet


During the downtime Doeg has kept this gand very busy,

Doeg started with assisting Jawa Toot-keet in upgrading the joint response of DDQ1's primary combat processor, this entailed mainly carrying around DDQs processor and assuring it firmly that DDQ had no reason to and Doeg quotes "Forcibly disassemble the malfunctioning Desert Rat" Fortunately DDQ's assessment of Toot-keet's technical proficiency was wildly inaccurate, and with only moderate cost in resources, Toot-keet improved DDQ's response time and manual dexterity. This pleases Doeg.

Doeg finding oneself more or less unoccupied afterwards  proceeded to tour through the various medical facilities within the main fleet. While visiting on the Mon Calamari cruiser Liberty, Doeg assisted with a small outbreak of a previously diagnosed contagion that was effecting Mon Calamari crew members. Doeg studied the pathogens and symptoms and deduced that the patients were suffering from a form of Quarren shingles that had made the exceptionally rare cross species jump, apparently the crew had been exposed to a Quarren in the death throws of the condition a number of months before. Once accurately sourced it did not take the medical crew to adapt and synthesize a treatment, Doeg took this chance of excitement to leave, Doeg does not like to be the center of attention.


Mastersmith_1072 Lord_Admiral_Tradewind

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