Star Wars: Rebellious Intent

Let's get down to business! To defeat! The sith!

Oo'la follows Master down the rabbit hole

During the month of downtime, Twi'Oola spends every waking moment with her new master.  She dreams of the force, she meditates through breakfast.  She urges her sister through weeks of training despite her reluctance.  Twi'la notices that her sister seems frustrated, but doesn't understand why because Tar'Ree is doing so good.  She must work harder to keep up with Tar'Ree.  Twi'la's relationship with the Master becomes a little more familiar, but she still doesn't ever quite manage to relax around him.  It affects her focus in her training occasionally.  She is not sure if he has noticed, and she's hoping Tar'Ree hasn't.


Mastersmith_1072 Tytyvyllus

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