Star Wars: Rebellious Intent

My old drill sargeant would not be pleased

PT, PT, and more PT

During my time in the Imperial Navy, I spent most of my time as an officer aboard a star destroyer, followed by a recruiting post for the Imperial Academy.  

Suffice to say, though I've always done well with blaster marksmanship, I hadn't quite kept up with the more physical aspects of soldiering.  I tried on some armor we had taken from a dead storm trooper, but found it tighter than I'd like to admit.  My old drill instructor from the academy wouldn't be pleased to see that.

I'll be hitting the gym a lot in this month, and running quite a few laps around the hanger deck.  This should help me fit into that light armor a bit better, as I've had a few too many brushes with death of late to ignore.


Mastersmith_1072 Hybrid_Divide

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