Star Wars: Rebellious Intent

The Decision

Secret Bitch Sister

Week One: Tar’Ree tries to study with her sister in the way of the force. Unfamiliar with the customs of the religion she is unfocused and often slacks off with her meditation. Rebelling though back talk and snarky behavior she can’t seem to find reason to continue the studies and is unconvinced it will help her become anything more then she is. None the less, her sister wants to put the effort in and enthusiastically tries to converse with Tar’Ree about the benefits it will have on both their lives. Tar’ree continues to try.

Week Two: After watching her sister progress more and more, Tar’Ree develops both pride and jealously for her sister. It is good that her sister is getting stronger, wiser and more self-reliant. But then why would Oola ever need her is she can protect herself? Doubt begins to settle in. During a combat practice Tar’Ree is beaten by her sister. Put off by the defeat, she seeks council with their master. Master explains to Tar’ree the need to let go of anger and jealousy and that the need to protect her sister was gracious but misplaced. Tar’Ree secretly disagrees with her Master. If she insists on being by her sister’s side…she will have to catch up. She will try to be quicker, smarter and faster if she can’t be stronger.

Week Three: Tar’Ree goes through a push to gain as much skill as possible. It’s a race to her, like any other. She has decided, if Oola can be strong, then Tar’Ree will be cunning. She tells no one of her resolve and continues to play the part of an eager to learn supportive sister.

Week Four: Tar’Ree has gained new skills alongside her sister through the force. Many small missions, practice combats and meditations have lead her to understand one thing. She needs more and she needs to win.


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