Davi Kaur

black sheep of an imperial family


Davi grew up in the fledgling Empire with an over-achieving older brother and two younger sisters. His family didn’t lack for anything, but what they had went towards Descar’s furthering education and eventual entrance into the Imperial Academy. Feeling the strain of his parents doting on Descar, he took up with scoundrels and smugglers to earn some extra money. As he ascended in the with the crew he noticed that his contacts started disappearing.

Under the thumb of the Empire, smugglers started feeling the increased pressure that came with working in Imperial borders. More and more smugglers started either disappearing or heading out to the Unknown Regions. Only the most ruthless and clever dared to continue where they were.

On the eve of Descar’s promotion to Admiral, the final straw for Davi broke. Davi’s mentor when he first started, Torne Mozh, was found dead, with a message for Davi, “You have been a blot of this family for far too long. Despite what our parents think, you need to be dealt with.” Finally realizing that the Empire had gone too far, Davi threw his lot in with the Rebels.

((I hate backstories and writing. You get where I am going with it, even if I can’t voice it properly…))

Davi Kaur

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