Doeg Qyrgg

Everyone's favorite doctor bug & scientist


“Doeg was given the Second name for finding the cure to a disease that had threatened to destroy the capital on Gand.

But in study of this disease, Doeg uncovered genetic markers that proved that what almost killed Gand was in fact a manufactured disease

in isolating various influences doeg was able to narrow down the facilities that would be required to make such a horrid disease and also trace mitochondrial origins to figure out where in fact this disease came from

Doeg was horrified to discover that the disease had been engineered on Coruscant this at first confused Qyrgg because there should not be a facility of this size and quality on Coruscant Qyrgg would surely of heard of it

when Doeg brought his findings to try to inform the Imperial offices that they had a breach of containment protocol in a very important planet the Imperial Officer sicked stormtroopers on the poor gand

Gand was captured and put in a tiny box gand assumed the future was prison mines, Gand would no longer be able to help others or unfold little riddles, Doeg truly loved solving those little riddles picking proteins out isolating mutations…. It was not long into Qyrggs saddened reminiscence when loud noises happened and then Findsmen let Qyrgg out of the tiny box.
they had killed the guards who had been escorting Gand to a shuttle,Doeg was safe! Doeg was elated but the Findsmen told Qyrgg he could not stay on Gand, Doeg had done proud service to the gand but to remain made all of gand a possible target for much worse if Qyrgg stayed

one findsmen told Qyrgg he knew of a place that needed his sharp mind, a place where by thwarting Imperial interests Doeg could assist Gand further, Before that moment Qyrgg had not even realized the Empire was trying to Kill Gand he had thought Qyrgg surely had offended these most mercurial Imperials and thus Qyrggs punishment, for the first time Doeg felt wrathful

Of course Doeg let the findsmen smuggle him in yet another tiny box (at this point Qyrgg must make abundantly clear that Qyrgg does not like tiny boxes they are no place for a Gand)to a place where no other gand was but humans and bothans and many strange and fascinating creatures!

Doeg is not a fan of tiny boxes, they worry Qyrgg”

—Exert taken from Debriefing of Gand Scientist Doeg Qyrgg

Doeg Qyrgg

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