Ja-Nan Tekka

Ex-Imperial Officer now hunted by the Empire


Race: Human
Skin Color: Caucasian
Age: 37
Homeworld: Corellia
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 175lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Medium brown, beginning to grey, cut short
Build: Relatively fit, but slightly past prime

Demeanor: Somewhat aloof, a bit of a Holier-Than-Thou attitude

Out of habit, usually wears military fatigues, abit unmarked


Born on Corellia, son of Lyra and Ja-Kin, Ja-nan joined the Imperial Academy.

Upon graduation, he served for several years on a Star Destroyer and eventually settling into the position of a Personnel Officer. After several years of this, his superiors deemed him a good judge of talent and character and promoted him to head the Imperial Academy Recruitment Office back on Corellia.

While he enjoyed his work in the service, to him, it was just a job. He hadn’t really bought in to the Imperial Propaganda Hype Machine.

Hobbies included blaster marksmanship and gambling, and exercising.

Married wife Kari at age 29. (She ran a local weapon shop).

Several years later, his wife was falsely accused of furnishing Rebel spies with weapons from her shop. She hadn’t, but a colleague of Ja-Nan’s in the Imperial Academy with a grudge against him brought the accusation to cover up his own mistakes. (Several cadets he had recruited had recently defected to the Rebellion, and his superiors were not happy)

Ja-Nan and Kari spoke out against the accusations, but evidence had been fabricated.

Their home was raided by Storm Troopers several nights later. Ja-Nan and Kari resisted. Kari was killed in the fighting. Enraged at her death, Ja-Nan killed the storm troopers with a modified high-powered blaster (made by Kari).

Kari had been a few months pregnant with a son.

He then fled his home, only stopping long enough at his wife’s weapon shop to grab the best weapons his wife had available and to empty the shop’s safe of credits. He’d need to use them to barter passage off-world.

After all, he was now wanted for Treason against the Empire!

Ja-Nan Tekka

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