Rylothian child of rebels, Blue Twi'lek with brown stripes


Twi’la and her family lived on Ryloth under imperial control. Her parents were rebels who fought against the imperium in the “Free Ryloth” movement. Twi’la and her sister were only 15 and 16 during the battle when their parents told them to hide. Their parents never returned. The girls were found and sold off separately at the slave markets.

Twi’la was bought as a dancing girl by Hevret Tel. After some time of service as a dancing and serving girl, he discovered that she had some skill as a tracker. Hevret Tel had her trained as a scout to track game for his hunts. Because she was in demand frequently, she had opportunity to accidentally discover his secret collection of force memorabilia. She read as much as she could, and used it as a way to stay sane. After four years of slavery, she was rescued by her sister and rejoined the rebellion.




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