Twi'Lek Scoundrel: Rebel Pilot


Race: Twi’Lek
Skin Color: Tolian (Orange) with Dark Brown Spots and One Large Tattoo on a single Lekku
Age: 20
Homeworld: Ryloth
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: Green


• Gida’Torroola was a 16-year-old Twi’Lek pilot in training whose goals were to fight alongside the Free Ryloth movement with her parents and younger sister. During a supply run to other Free Ryloth Members, Gida’Torroola’s parents were killed during a series of bombing sorties to weasel out the Free Ryloth’s Movements leader, Cham Syndulla.

• Gida’Torroola found her sister and they hid from the imperial forces that began to raid their homes. They were quickly found and separated to be sold off as exotic Twi’Lek Slaves
to the highest bidder.

• Gida’Torroola was purchased by Chasra Endolt, Leader of the Edgerunner Bounty Hunters, who often worked throughout Hutt Space. Chasra purchased Gida’Torroola for her advertised piloting skills and attached an explosive collar to her, forcing her into being a pilot for one of the Edgerunner’s ships

• After her dishonor, Gida’Torroola decided to retire her name. She was instead given another by the scoundrels that surrounded her: Tar’Ree (Swift Spear). This nickname represented her super natural seeming piloting skills and her ‘natural’ ability to win any dangerous argument.

• After 2 Years with the Edgerunners, Tar’Ree has been seen walking free. It is unknown how exactly, but it was rumored that she somehow convinced Chasra and her crew that she was no longer needed as a pilot and could go on her way.

• During the search for credits Tar’Ree meets up with a smuggler named Davi and is brought on to his crew. During a run Davi’s crew has been spotted as rebel sympathizers and are quickly arrested.

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