Kaldo Sej'Dorinaus

Kaldo the Hutt, gangster and hustler


Race: Hutt
Skin Color: Brown
Age: 359
Homeworld: Nal Hutta
Height: 8’7"
Weight: 1720lbs
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: None
Build: Fat.


Kaldo the Hutt, gangster and con artist of Skrath Station and Saki Prime. A minor crime lord by Hutt standards, Kaldo operates mostly in the gambling and Swoop Racing circuits.

Kaldo is crafty and has survived numerous assassination attempts from disgruntled gamblers and has made a name as Kaldo the Stalwart, or Kaldo the Mighty among those wishing to play on his vain side. Gaining an audience with Kaldo is difficult, as he has become wary of those who might wish to succeed in killing him where so many others have failed.

Kaldo Sej'Dorinaus

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