Ulric Rand


If you had told me 9 months ago I’d be sitting in the cockpit of an A-Wing flying for the Rebel Alliance instead of my familiar TIE fighter I’d have laughed in your face right before I punched it in, but that was before Alderaan was destroyed along with almost everyone I cared about.

7 months 2 weeks 3 days and 16 hours earlier

It was my first vacation in 5 years as an imperial TIE pilot chasing pirates, rebels and smugglers in the mid-rim I’d already been off duty sitting in my flat for 2 weeks after having picked up a container of my old stuff sent to me on Courascant by my parents when I landed mostly some old pictures and school awards unexpectedly was an older R2 Astromech (R2-C5) they had found for me thinking it might be useful and of course mom had made sure there was a message from the whole family recorded on it, and no I’m not going to describe it, it was for me and me alone, also now it’s what I have left of them so no I’m not sharing. Imagine my shock when I hear over the Holonet that my home world has been destroyed.

I suppose before I get too far ahead with my ramblings I should introduce myself, my name is Ulric Rand and I was born on Alderaan to a middle class family on the western continent I wish I had something special to add about my upbringing but it was statistically normal, I did well in school, teased my little sister, took some junior acting classes, and earned my way into a sponsorship to the imperial flight academy on Courscant after it was discovered that not only that I loved to fly, but I was good at it.

Fast forward a few years, I graduated from the flight academy and joined the Imperial fighter core as a TIE pilot. Some how I managed a cushy posting to an old Victory class patrolling the shipping lanes, so over the next five years I flew sorties against pirates, the occasional rebel, and smugglers.

Anyway, back to the present or at least 6 months ago, after the news of Alderaan hit me I started hearing the imperial propaganda, and I just knew that the Empire did it. It took me several weeks but I found out where to go to join the rebellion, a couple of weeks after that I was in an A-Wing as a member of newly christened Black Flight made up of all Alderaanian TIE pilots who came over like me after the destruction of Alderaan.

So, now we find ourselves back at the beginning with me and the rest of Black Flight out on a mission to interrupt imperial shipping.

Ulric Rand

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