The Prologue

Here is the timeline so far as decided from backgrounds I have read, to tie everyone in to the storyline: BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin IV

4 BBY – Twi'lek sisters on Ryloth are captured during the Ryloth insurrection and sold as slaves.  One (Kat) to an Imperial Noble known as Hevret Tal (Male Human) and the other (Amber) to the Bounty Hunter known as Chasra Endolt (Female Utapauan)

Too-Keet is exiled from his clan on Tatooine for speaking out and attempting to gather forces against the Empire.  He starts doing odd jobs around Mos Espa to gather funds and contacts.

3 BBY – The smuggler Davi Kaur, (Stephen) operating in the Outer Rim, starts to gather a crew for his ship.  His first addition comes in the form of a Jawa named Too-Keet who assists Davi by manufacturing a bomb that Davi needed for his mission for the Rebellion.  He next finds an ex-Imperial Academy Recruitment Officer (Ben) who can help Davi with Imperial protocol and access codes.

2 BBY – A Gand scientist, Doeg Qyrgg, (Brian) starts work on a cure for a plague that struck the Gand people

Hevret Tal teaches the Younger Twi'lek sister how to track and she secretly starts to learn Jedi meditation techniques from a book she stole from his library.

The older Twi'lek sister learns to become a smuggler and awakens latent Force techniques.

Davi Kaur and his crew join up with the Rebellion to start moving supplies and personnel for them.

1 BBY – The Elder sister that was sold to the Chasra Endolt escapes and is hired by Davi to pilot his ship.

Doeg discovers that there might have been a plot to poison or wipe out the Gand and he is imprisoned by the Empire on the planet Gand

Doeg is rescued by Finders and smuggled off world.  During transport his transport is seized by an Imperial blockade.  Rebel Forces under the command of Howle Riggs (Josh) storm the blockade and rescue Doeg, bringing him to the Rebel fleet.

The Elder Twi'lek sister and Davi's crew are captured and imprisoned by Imperial forces because they have been identified as Rebels.

The Elder sister uses her Force techniques to escape her cell and rescue Davi and his crew

Before they escape the prison, they hack into the Imperial records and find that there is an order to collect the Younger Twi'lek sister from Havret's estate on suspicion of being Force Sensitive.  The file is marked for "Inquisition Eyes Only".

The Elder and Davi smuggle the Younger away from Hevret's estate and bring her to the Rebellion

Doeg creates DDQ-1 as a bodyguard droid.

0 BBY – The Battle of Yavin IV happens

0 BBY + 6 months – The players are now working with the Rebellion to locate a suitable location to build a new base.

The Prologue

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